Public Education Campaign to Conduct Research and Visualize Impacts of Light Pollution (2015-16)

“Light Pollution Field Trip” briefing

Firefly viewing in Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve

Stargazing in Astropark at Sai Kung

Project presentation of the champion team (Marymount Secondary School)

Champion - Marymount Secondary School (Topic: Light Pollution and Ecosystem)

First Runner Up - Sheng Kung Hui Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School (Topic: Festival Lights: Celebration or Pollution?)

Second Runner Up - Buddhist Sin Tak College (Topic: Light Pollution in Hong Kong)

Group Photo

Funding year 2015-16
Proposal/Project No. KP-IP-2015/16-54
Project title Public Education Campaign to Conduct Research and Visualize Impacts of Light Pollution
Approved budget (HKD) 85,000



This project aims to engage school students to (1) experience first-hand the impacts of light pollution on the environment by a field trip, and to (2) conduct studies on light pollution and promote measures to improve the situation in their communities by research cum video competition.

Project Objectives

  • To engage the local community on the adverse impacts of light pollution.
  • To promote public education and public engagement on light pollution in Hong Kong.
  • To enrich research and media production skills of secondary school students.
  • To promote the light pollution measurement technique developed by HKU and the ongoing HKU’s international light pollution study to the public.

External Partner Organization

Hong Kong Space Museum
Ho Koon Nature Education Cum Astronomical Centre (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)
Office for Astronomy Outreach, International Astronomical Union

Non-academic Sector(s) benefitted

Hong Kong general public, Hong Kong and international light pollution educational community


  • Organized "Competition Briefing and Light Pollution Field Trip” on 28 November 2015 at Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve, Astropark in Sai Kung.
  • Organized “Light Pollution Research Competition 2015-16” and “Light Pollution Video Competition 2015-16” on 23 April 2016 at HKU Campus.
  • Held a “Light Pollution Research and Video Competitions 2015-16” public exhibition on 8 – 27 June 2016 at Hong Kong Space Museum.
  • Invited Speaker, “City of lighting - lighting, culture, people and the city” at a colloquium organized by the International Association of Lighting Designers Greater China Region on 11 June 2016 at Hong Kong Polytechnic.
  • Invited speaker, “Updated Series on Child Health 2015” organized by the Hong Kong Pediatric Society, Hong Kong College of Pediatricians, and Hong Kong Pediatric Nurses Association on 22 August 2015 at Jordan Valley St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.
  • Invited speaker, Seminar on “Astronomical phenomena and Astro-photography – Introducing the Weather Information for Astronomical Observation webpage” on 25 July 2015 at Hong Kong Observatory.
  • Invited speaker, “活在『光』下研討會” organized by the Junior Chamber International Hong Kong on 2 August 2015 at The Church of Grace in Resurrection.
  • Invited speaker (two talks) at Spring 2016 meeting of Korean Space Science Society on 28-29 April 2016 at Gangneung, Korea.
  • Invited speakers (three talks), “International Workshop on Night Sky Brightness Measurements,” on 2-3 May 2016 at Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, Korea.
  • Invited public talk titled “光污染 - 臺灣、香港和世界” on 14 May 2016 at Taipei Astronomical Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Contributed talk at the “2016 Scientific Assembly of the Astronomical Society of the Republic of China” on 15 May 2016, at National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan.


Promoting light pollution among local students and the general public by organizing Research and Video competitions 
Publicizing the light pollution measurement method developed by HKU locally and globally 
Educating and publicizing light pollution among the general public