Educational Resources

We prepared a varity of educational resources, You can find some of them below:

How to Reduce Light Pollution?

The main cause of light pollution in Hong Kong is the excessive and improper use of artificial outdoor lightings.

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Adverse Effects of Light Pollution on the Environment and on Human

Light pollution may also cause adverse effects on environmental and ecosystem.

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The Serious Global Problem of Light Pollution

From the composite picture of the Earth at night taken by satellite imagers, we can see that artificial lighting from human activities all around the world is illuminating our night sky wastefully.

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The Seriousness of Light Pollution in Hong Kong

According to the data collected by the HKU Department of Physics since 2003, the brightness of the Hong Kong urban night sky is at least 30 times higher than that in the less-populated countrysides.

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Light Pollution Brochure

The brochure introduces the global light pollution condition, the impact of light pollution to astronomy and human health, and the importance of dark sky protection.

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