We are a group of researchers at the Department of Physics, The University of Hong Kong. We have been working on measuring the night sky brightness in Hong Kong since 2003. By developing a network of observing stations located in varying ambient lighting environments, we aim to monitor the quality of the night sky in Hong Kong continuously.

The project is called the Hong Kong Night Sky Brightness Monitoring Network or NSN. Details of the NSN can be found here. By analyzing the night sky brightness data recorded at different times, locations, and meteorological conditions, we are currently investigating the following questions:

  • What is the overall light pollution condition in Hong Kong?
  • How does the night sky brightness vary with location?
  • How does the night sky brightness change with time?
  • How much does artificial lighting affect the night sky?
  • What is relation between cloud coverage and the night sky brightness?
  • What is relation between moonlight and the night sky brightness?
  • More……


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    The Night Sky Monitoring Network in Hong Kong

  • Effects of moonlight and cloud amount on the night sky brightness

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  • A Survey of Light Pollution in Hong Kong (Project ID: 2007-01)

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